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MAXEM Property


MAXEM Property is a licensed real estate company providing a full range of residential and commercial real estate services in Cambodia, including property search, sales & rental, property management, and investment advisory. 

Everyone deserves to find the right space for their particular needs, whether that space is a home, apartment, office, warehouse, retail space, or investment property.  MAXEM Property can lead the way and make the search process easier by providing you with the knowledge and insight to select the best properties available.  We will guide you through the process, help negotiate the best possible terms, and assist you each step of the way to ensure you are fully satisfied with your new space.  Whether you’re looking to rent or considering a purchase, our team is keen to assist you.



"To be the company of choice for real estate services."


By putting your needs first in everything we do, MAXEM Property will be the leading provider of real estate and property management solutions.

We believe in building partnerships with clients through collaboration, mutual respect, and service excellence.

Value Statement

MAXEM Property is committed to working with integrity and care, empowering our associates to deliver the highest levels of service to our valued clients.  We combine a global mindset with local industry knowledge to provide a best of both worlds approach.

Urgent Propterties For Sales
Apartment for Rent R1116057
Office Space for Rent R0716016
Villa for Sale S0616002
Apartment for Rent R1116058
Office Space for R0716018
Link Villa for Sale 0916073
Apartment for Rent R1116059
Apartment for Rent R0716014
Villa for Sale S0716013
Apartment for Rent R1116060
Office Space for Rent R0716013
Flat for Sale S0816022
Apartment for Rent R111063
Apartment for Rent R1116064
Villa for Rent R0616001
Apartment for Rent R1116068
Villa for sale S0726014
Apartment for Rent R1116069
Apartment for Rent R1116070
Flat for Sale S0616001
Twin Villa for Sale S0816025
Apartment for Rent R1116077
Apartment for Rent R1116080
Apartment for Rent R1116081
Apartment for Rent R1116082
Apartment for Rent R1116084
Apartment for Rent R1116086
Apartment for Rent R1116087
Apt for Rent R1116088
Apt for Rent R1116089
Apt for Rent R1116091
Apartment for Rent R0716007
Flat for Sale S0716018
Apt for Rent R0816020
Villa for Sale S0716020
Apartment for Rent R0716009
Flat for Sale S0816048
Apartment for Rent R0716006
Flat for Sale S0816021
Condo for Rent R0816022
Villa for Rent R0716004
Condo for Rent R0816021
flat for rent R061602
Apartment for Rent R0716011
Flat for Sale S0816071
Apartment for Rent R0716012
Flat for Sale S081656
Apartment for Rent R0916025
Villa for Rent R0916024
Apartment for Rent R0716010
Apartment for Rent R0716005
Apt&Hotel R0916034
Condo for Sale S0716015
Apt for Rent R0916023
Apartment for Rent R0716008
Office Space for Rent R0716015
Flat for Sale S0616011
Office Space for Rent R0716017
Flat for Sale S0816066
Apt for Rent R1116092
House for Sale S0616003
House for Sale S0616004